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Episode 60 – Everybody’s Hunting

When everybody’s hunting, you talk about hunting! That’s just the way it is in November when you hunt Whitetail deer.  In this podcast, we talked more about Heath and Brandon’s hunt in Ohio, talked a little about kids hunting, and a few more deer stories…

Episode 59 – Banjos in Ohio!

After a week of hunting in Southern Ohio, Heath and Brandon sat down and recorded a podcast with Shag!  You won’t want to miss this episode because you’ll hear banjos, drums, and Brandon pulls out the spoons and shows off his musical talent!

Episode 58 – Tour 12 Throwback :: Be an Innovator or Go Home

It’s sweet November and our crew is spread all over from Ohio to Oklahoma to Arkansas.  This week we throwback to one of our most downloaded episodes with Aaron Keller and Josh Kinser of Big&J and Swagger Bipods.  In that episode, we go down the entertai…

Episode 57 – Sweet November

Heath, Cody, Brandon and Aaron Keller spent the morning checking food plots and stopped to talk about how exciting November is for deer hunting.  They also called Andy Stanphill of Hardwoods South to get the story on his 200″ Kansas buck!

Episode 56 – Is it realistic to believe you can live your passion?

Heath and Cody recapped the conversation with John Sewell and discussed if it was realistic to believe you can live your passion.

Episode 55 – October Fit-Session -Benefits of a Fitness Community

This week the crew discusses the benefits of having a fitness community! 

Episode 54 – Growing Free Range Healthy Whitetails – Fortified Cottonseed

This week Heath and Cody sit down with John Sewell and Cline Speer from South Texas where they are working hard to grow a large healthy deer herd in a free-range environment.

Episode 53 – The Often Most Overlooked Key To Success

This week in Leadership Session 15, Heath and Cody discuss the most often overlooked key to success in all things related to life and business.  It is a must!  

Episode 52 – Discussing Whitetail Attractants with Big & J

This week Heath and Cody sit down with Aaron Keller of Big and J to discuss whitetail attractants, baiting verses non-baiting and even a little bit of CWD.  Also a few tips and tricks when using products throughout the year! 

Episode 51 – How Do You Disconnect From Living Your Passion?

This week Aaron from Big & J, Heath and Cody discuss disconnecting from living your passion.  It’s hard to sometimes disconnect from something you love so much, the guys discuss what that looks like for each of them.

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